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Thank you for visiting the RAGE Works podcast page. Home of all the shows on the RAGE Works podcast network including The Regular Season Sportscast, Black is the New Black, Call Me When It's Over, The Variant Issue, and Turnbuckle Tabloid. 

Jul 21, 2011

For our 100th episode we gave the listeners two different returning guests that have supported the show since the early days. We started the show by being joined by the bio medical scientist Geoff Desmoulin who returned for his third appearance on MTR. Geoff gave us a glimpse into his personal life and the expansion of...

Jul 21, 2011

We recorded a day earlier than usual due to some scheduling conflicts. This episode is a bit shorter due to the slow news week We discuss the CM Punk v WWE angle at length and all our usual topics a well. 

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Jul 21, 2011

I had the pleasure of speaking with Envizions CEO Derrick Samuels about the upcoming EVO 2 ( GameBox) console that is part PC and part console. The EVO 2 will be an Android based console that looks to become the center of you home theater offering streaming of games and media. In speaking with Mr. Samuels we learned...

Jul 21, 2011

For our 97th episode we were joined by two separate guests to cover to subjects near and dear to our listeners. Our first guest was Bloodstain Lane who was making his second appearance on MTR. BSL stopped in to discuss the Strikeforce Grand Prix and to announce the launch of the Team Takeover website which cover...

Jul 19, 2011

For our 96th episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Wizard World President & CEO Gareb Shamus. I was very excited for this interview, not only because I am a longtime Wizard magazine reader, but also because Wizard has now evolved way beyond a niche genre and now covers movies, TV and even games. Gareb shared his...