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Oct 28, 2011

Show Notes

I was not a happy camper for this weeks show. The opening monologue is fueled by anger and the language used is particularly crude. Listeners will understand why. Once the rant ends it back to business as usual. We discuss the following

·         UFC 137

·         Kenny Florian Lightweight bound


Oct 26, 2011

Show Notes

Post Comic Con discussion plus our usual stuff too. TNA may actually be discussed this week hahaha, well see.


Intro: Street Fighter2 Frets Of Fury by Vertex Guy available at

Outro:  Storm  Breaker from Super Street Fight II Turbo HD Remix available at

Please take a moment and...

Oct 19, 2011

A day early due to Comic Con but just as much to stuff to talk about.

Oct 12, 2011

We were experiencing some upload issues on the libsyn side of things but it is resolved now hopefully. I discuss the passing of Steve Jobs and what he contributions meant to me. I also will be discussing UFC on VS and all our usual stuff.

Intro Music: Street Fighter 2 Frets Of Fury available at

Outro Music-...

Oct 4, 2011

Jon & Justin aka Sixokay & Weezul stopped by MTR to discuss their podcast 15 Minutes of Game. 15MOG is one of the most unique podcasts I’ve heard in a long time. Jon and Justin bring a level of friendliness to their presentation that not only educates but motivates listeners to find their niche in a vast community...