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Thank you for visiting the RAGE Works podcast page. Home of all the shows on the RAGE Works podcast network including The Regular Season Sportscast, Black is the New Black, Call Me When It's Over, The Variant Issue, and Turnbuckle Tabloid. 

Feb 23, 2013

Show Notes

After a few lengthy hours of trying to clean up the BTR issues this week we finally got episode 174 as clean as we could. Hip Hop Gamer returned to MTR to talk about the PS4, journalism and a ton of other stuff. Since his last appearance on the show a lot of great things have happened to him including...

Feb 16, 2013

Show Notes

MTR was back to normal this week. BTR kept their service together to allow us to bring you a fresh show free of technical difficulties.

·         00:18:19 – MMA – TUF was the main topic of discussion this week. Rich also shared his thoughts on the recent legal battle between Zuffa and New York State and...

Feb 10, 2013

Show Notes

BTR once again decided to take a crap while in the middle of an interview which lead to massive editing on Rich’s part. This week’s episode still had some small minor audio quirks that sadly could not be fixed and put a blemish on the episode but still delivered overall.  Rich was joined by TUF...

Feb 10, 2013

Interview Notes

Derrick Samuels from EnGeniux joined for this new episode. Many of you may remember Derrick from episode of 98 of My Take Radio where he shared his vision of an android based console called the EVO 2 which at the time was ready to hit the market and be the shot across the bow for console gaming....

Feb 2, 2013

Show Notes

We got another BTR error laden episode on tap. We experienced a weird issue with our BTR feed this week that affected our audio during the live show and needed to get edited. We toughed it out and our Mixlr listeners got to hear an off air meltdown from Rich.

·         00:10:02 – MMA – Ben joined Rich...