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Dec 17, 2015

The views expressed on air during The Regular Season Sportscast do not represent the views of the RAGE Works/My Take Radio staff, partners or affiliates. Listener discretion is advised.

Show Notes

Episode 20: “Have a Happy Letty Holiday”

It’s a packed house at TRSS studios “Whole Milk” Mike returns and “Met Fan” Matt joins Jay to discuss the House of Glory Civil War event. Here are some other noteworthy items you’ll be hearing on TRSS this week:

  • NFL commentary and Jay’s Pick’ems
  • Turnbuckle Tabloid: Jay breaks down TLC 2015 and the post-TLC RAW. There is also some Lucha Underground talk as well.
  • Jay shares his thoughts on the UFC 194 and beginning of the McGregor era.
  • Heisman talk




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