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Aug 16, 2011

Hi Guys,

We had been experiencing some uploading issues with our provider over the last few weeks. As I mentioned in previous episodes you can also listen to MTR on our Blog Talk Radio feed which I am hoping that the issues with our provider are resolved and we can upload all our past episodes. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that we don't experience any more technical issues in the forseeable future.-Rich

Episode Description

For the start of our new “season” of MTR I had the pleasure of speaking to Lex McMahon. Lex is the President of Alchemist Management. Alchemist is a management company founded by music icon MC Hammer that specializes in managing mixed martial artists and assisting them in all aspects of their professional career. Originally I wanted to speak to Lex about the Nate Marquardt situation but as I did more research about Alchemist and their structure I came to the conclusion that their story needed to be shared. We did discuss Nate’s situation but it was more from an informative standpoint. Lex gave us not only insight into his professional life but also shared some fond personal memories as well. MTR wants to thanks Lex for stopping by and chatting with us.


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