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Aug 24, 2011

Before breaking down this episode I wanted to let you guys know that we had some serious audio issues resulting in some echoes from Noel and some of our callers.I edited the audio as best as possible but I apologize if this detracts from your enjoyment of this episode.We are still experiencing issues with uploads to the app but we will continue working at it. You can listen to the unedited raw shows on our Blog Talk Radio page.

I was joined on this episode by Noel Brown who participated in this years EVO 2011 tournament representing Unveil, Konas Korner,SFX 360 and our very own My Take Radio. Noel has competed in over 100 events with EVO 2011 being his 4th EVO event. This EVO event was also special because Noel placed 5th out of nearly 1500 competitors. Noel shared quite a bit about his journey to this years EVO and also gave us some insight into the pro gaming community for fighting games. Noel was super cool in breaking down his approach to gaming and how it has been profitable for him. Make sure to watch some of Noel’s fights from EVO below and also follow him on twitter.