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Mar 6, 2010

I started this weeks episode pretty tame but my composure slowly unraveled over the course of the broadcast. Here are some of the things that were discussed


  • UFC on VS was discussed
  • UFC PPV events
  • Andrei Arlovski returns to Strikeforce
  • Strikeforce on CBS
  • James Toney signs with the UFC and will trained for MMA by Juanito Ibarra.
  • UFC will run an event on 4/17 to compete against Strikeforce


  • Umaga’s cause of death revealed
  • Awesome Kong’s TNA status
  • Upcoming RAW guest hosts
  • Recently released WWE superstars
  • Impact becomes the “Whole Dam Show” on 3/8

Video Games

  • Heavy Rain is # 1 in the UK
  • Activision vs Infinity Ward
  • Splinter Cell Conviction Xbox 360 bundle
  • Sony acquires Media Molecule
  • Halo Reach — Multiplayer


  • DC movie plans
  • Max Steel becomes Stretch Armstrong
  • Tron:Legacy a trilogy?
  • My thoughts on Zoolander 2 & the Arthur remake starring Russell Brand
  • Transformer movie news
  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter– WTF!!!
  • Gilligan’s Island : The Movie
  • Iron Man 2 on Kimmel after the awards on 3/7
  • Doogie Howser and the smurfs ?
  • Green Lantern in 3D
  • Marco Polo the movie?