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Sep 28, 2009

This weeks was dedicated to my co-worker who lost his battle with cancer.

We discussed MMA,Wrestling, A lot of Game & Movie news.

I introduced the round table discussion which will be ongoing depending on how many people call in.

Enjoy Episode 12

Sep 23, 2009

MMA news


Wrestling News


Video Game  News


Movie News



= My Take Radio Episode 11


Time Change

Sep 14, 2009

Due to some schedule changes episode 11 will be live on Wednesday at 11pm est. MTR will return to it's regular schedule next week.

Sep 11, 2009

Show 10 starts off with a bang and then ventures into weird territory with stupid audio problems. It seems blog talk radio decided to do maintenance while I was broadcasting. My apologies for the poor quality.



My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 10

Sep 8, 2009

Episode 10 is right around the corner. Many thanks to all the new listeners as well as those who tuned back after my hiatus. This time I am going to take the show all the way and make it a household name.

Please feel free to visit the Fanpage on facebook and show your support.