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Jul 20, 2013

Show Notes

The march to episode 200 continues.

00:26:01 – MMA

·         Rich shares his thoughts on Invicta FC 6

·         Injury bug runs rampant affect UFC cards for the next few months

·         Silva vs. Weidman II?

·         “The Janitor” debuts for Bellator

01:32:21 – Wrestling

·         Money...

Jul 14, 2013

Show Notes

MTR aired on its regular day this week as we march toward our 200th episode. Rich had a monologue this week about the Trayvon Martin trail and also shared his thoughts on the Paula Deen situation.

00:26:01 – MMA

·         Ben joins us to discuss UFC 162 and Weidman’s upset of Anderson Silva


Jul 6, 2013

Show Notes

MTR aired a day early due to the 4th of July holiday. Episode 190 was a bit short but we are sure things will be back to normal next week as MTR continues its march to episode 200.

00:10:20 – MMA

·         Rampage + Pro Wrestling=??

·         Kickboxing comes to Spike TV

·         Fighter pay issues...

Jul 2, 2013

Interview Notes

Rich sat down with Gidget in the latest episode MTR Beyond The Mic. If you have been by the fanpage you have seen some of the many great cosplays from this very talented young lady. Gidget gives us a glimpse into the inner workings of cosplay including material costs and construction. Rich also...