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Dec 21, 2016

Show Notes

Wednesdays mean new comic day but bi-weekly it means a fresh serving of comic book commentary courtesy of The Variant Issue.  The boys pull no punches when it comes to comics so listener discretion is advised!

The Pull List

  • Upcoming variant issues on our radar:
    • Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1-2nd Printing
    • Black Panther # 9 (12/28)
    • Captain America #7-2nd Printing (12/28)
    • Captain America #8 (12/28)
    • Spider-Man: Clone Conspiracy
    • Rocket Raccoon #1 (12/28)
    • Hulk #1 (12/28)
    • Strange #15 (12/21)
    • Venom: Separation Anxiety TP (12/21)
  • 2016 Comic movie year in review.


What Your Beef?

  • No beefs this week

Co-Sign Time from Santa’s Sack


Awesome Places, People & Stuff Mentioned In This Episode

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